HALLOWEEN: Mexican Sugar Skull makeup tutorial

Hello everyone! If you want to know what I used for this Suguar Skull makeup tutorial go to my channel and you'll find everything you need in the description box! Happy Halloween!!!!!!!!

Vero xx


Terme di Kyoto spa

Yesterday I spent a lovely sunday morning with my friend Valentina. We used her Smartbox and we went to the Terme di Kyoto at the top floor of the Enterprise Hotel, a 4-star superior design hotel in Milan.  We needed few hours of relax so we picked this option. As soon as we arrived we waited in the lobby of the hotel which was very nice and ethnic, everything was in the red, yellow and brown shades with a lot of design elements. After few minutes we went up where the little spa was, at the top floor. We've been given towel, flip flops and shower cream and shampoo in  a nice bag that we took away of course. The spa area wasn't very big but really cosy. There was a relax zone, a nice turkish bath room with blue led lights, a thermal pool, two different therapy showers and two relaxing areas on the balcony where the view was incredible, It was a sunny day so we saw the Duomo from the balcony, definitely a good point. 
Of course we used and we did everything and we spent three lovely hours till I broke my big toe, but that's another story (lol -.-). Enjoy this little gallery =)

Vero xx


Bomaki, Uramaki in Milan

Looking for a great sushi in Milan? Bomaki is definitely more than that. I saw many pictures on Instagram of this place and as soon as I got the chance I went to see what this was all about. This place is awesome! It's not a traditional snobby sushi restaurant, is an uramakeria, uramaki are their thing! This place is a fusion of the japanese and the brazilian culture, in Milan there already was the Temakinho, but in my opinion Bomaki tastes better and the atmosphere is cool and relaxed. First of all you can decide to eat amazing sushi with amazing cocktails inspired by the colorful Brasil, I got a classic mojito and it was delicious, after that it was an uramaki madness. They have so many variations that there's the perfect sushi for everyone. Everything is well presented, the staff is very helpful and nice. Every table has a jar with thousands of chopsticks and also forks for the beginners, which I think is a nice touch as sometimes people can be "scared" by asking for knives and forks, in this way you can help yourself easily. I had the most amazing sushi and to be honest I was okay but I know myself and I just can't say no to a nice dessert so I went for the mango cheesecake which was incredibly light and beautiful. Speaking about uramaki my favorites have been: salmon crispy, giallo and astice gratinato.
Prices are fair, we are speaking about sushi and cocktail so it can't be cheap but it's reasonable, uramaki are between 8 and 15 euros (8 rolls) and cocktails 7 euros each.
Now I show you some pictures of this amazing dinner!

Vero xx



I think I took this photo at least 20 times and every time I come back to Edinburgh I go to Calton Hill and I think "I love this place so much". I went to Edinburgh for the first time two years ago and since then I always came back, for long or short periods. Everytime I arrive in this beautiful city my heart melts and every time I've to leave I feel that something is not right, that I need more time. This time I came here with a friend of mine who never came here before and she loved it too, of course ;) This place has something that makes it so charming to my eyes, I can't even explain, but if you've never been to Edinburgh book a flight and go.
I spent an amazing week, every time I come back I find something new, I go for a walk on the Arthur's Seat beginning from a new path, I go to Calton Hill at different time, I take a random bus just to go somewhere new and I enjoy my time there.
So here are some pics of my week in Edinburgh, I also post pics from three new places I found to eat, I love food =) haha, which are very cool and original and tasty and yummy at the same time: the first one is The Dogs in Hanover Street, which is a very cosy restaurant where i had a great duck with a sweet sauce, don't remember the ingredients tho, sorry! The second one is The Huxley on Princess Street where I had the best (and not expensive) lobster rool, soooo good, last new nice place I tried was Burger on Fountainbridge which is a  fast-food not too fast-food, if you know what I mean, great food in a modern but not snobby environment for great prices.
I hope you enjoy this little gallery 


Vero xx