Bomaki, Uramaki in Milan

Looking for a great sushi in Milan? Bomaki is definitely more than that. I saw many pictures on Instagram of this place and as soon as I got the chance I went to see what this was all about. This place is awesome! It's not a traditional snobby sushi restaurant, is an uramakeria, uramaki are their thing! This place is a fusion of the japanese and the brazilian culture, in Milan there already was the Temakinho, but in my opinion Bomaki tastes better and the atmosphere is cool and relaxed. First of all you can decide to eat amazing sushi with amazing cocktails inspired by the colorful Brasil, I got a classic mojito and it was delicious, after that it was an uramaki madness. They have so many variations that there's the perfect sushi for everyone. Everything is well presented, the staff is very helpful and nice. Every table has a jar with thousands of chopsticks and also forks for the beginners, which I think is a nice touch as sometimes people can be "scared" by asking for knives and forks, in this way you can help yourself easily. I had the most amazing sushi and to be honest I was okay but I know myself and I just can't say no to a nice dessert so I went for the mango cheesecake which was incredibly light and beautiful. Speaking about uramaki my favorites have been: salmon crispy, giallo and astice gratinato.
Prices are fair, we are speaking about sushi and cocktail so it can't be cheap but it's reasonable, uramaki are between 8 and 15 euros (8 rolls) and cocktails 7 euros each.
Now I show you some pictures of this amazing dinner!

Vero xx

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