I think I took this photo at least 20 times and every time I come back to Edinburgh I go to Calton Hill and I think "I love this place so much". I went to Edinburgh for the first time two years ago and since then I always came back, for long or short periods. Everytime I arrive in this beautiful city my heart melts and every time I've to leave I feel that something is not right, that I need more time. This time I came here with a friend of mine who never came here before and she loved it too, of course ;) This place has something that makes it so charming to my eyes, I can't even explain, but if you've never been to Edinburgh book a flight and go.
I spent an amazing week, every time I come back I find something new, I go for a walk on the Arthur's Seat beginning from a new path, I go to Calton Hill at different time, I take a random bus just to go somewhere new and I enjoy my time there.
So here are some pics of my week in Edinburgh, I also post pics from three new places I found to eat, I love food =) haha, which are very cool and original and tasty and yummy at the same time: the first one is The Dogs in Hanover Street, which is a very cosy restaurant where i had a great duck with a sweet sauce, don't remember the ingredients tho, sorry! The second one is The Huxley on Princess Street where I had the best (and not expensive) lobster rool, soooo good, last new nice place I tried was Burger on Fountainbridge which is a  fast-food not too fast-food, if you know what I mean, great food in a modern but not snobby environment for great prices.
I hope you enjoy this little gallery 


Vero xx

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