Private Burberry makeup session

This week I had an amazing experience, as you know Burberry is one of my favourite brand and the other day I had the incredible opportunity of a private makeup session at the Burberry's corner at LaRinascente in Milan.
Sometimes when you go shopping in these kind of places you may feel discomfort or not in your element, Burberry's corner is totally different, I think that with MAC and Tom Ford the people who work for this brand are really down to earth and very professional at the same time without being snobby at all. This is a very important part, I arrived a bit early to my appointment and I had a little chat with the two makeup artists who were working that day, than Davide arrived, he's the best Burberry makeup artist in Italy and he's very funny too.
I told him to do whatever he wanted!So he started and using all the amazing Bruberry cosmetics gave me the Burberry's model look, a very chic and elegant look.  A strange thing? I think my lids have never felt so soft before, lovely eyeshadows haha. The experience has been amazing so I decided to show you few pictures of this sweet afternoon.

Vero xx

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