Rum Brownies

Hello everyone! I love food, especially all the sweet things, so few days ago I decided to bake some delicious rum brownies, if you want to bake them too you're gonna need:
- 250 grams of dark chocolate
- 2 table spoon of dark powder chocolate
- 200 grams of butter
- Rum, as much as you want ;)
- 2 eggs
- 5 grams of baking powder
- 200 grams of flour
- 200 grams of sugar

Then you can start cooking!
 First of all cut the chocolate and the butter and cook them using the double holier method, in the meantime stir the eggs and the sugar, then stir the chocolate and the butter till when they look velvety and yummy.

Next pour the chocolate and butter into the sugar and eggs, stir, then add the rum, the flour, the being powder and the powder chocolate, store very well, use all your strength!
Next pour everything in a buttery baking pan and put in the oven for 30 minutes at 180°, then while you're waiting all your house will start smelling of chocolate!
Then when the brownies are ready take them off the oven and wait for them to be cold before cutting them, and you're done!
They're so good, let me know if you bake them and if you like them!
To see me baking them just click here!

Vero xx

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