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Last night I got the chance to go to the SoundTru event organized by Trussardi, the fashion brand worked with Universal for this project and basically last night the band who won this music competition performed at the Trussardi's Caffé in Piazza Scala in the heart of Milan.
The location was half a bar and half a Trussardi's store, everything was cool, many people from the fashion industry and from the music business were there. The atmosphere was quite relaxed and rock, in fact the theme was glam rock.
Many guests were wearing leather leggings and faux fur gilet, a lot of fringes and also huge and comfy platform heels.
I went for an elegant rock outfit I would say, the party started at 9pm and it was a happy hour, then the band who won, PrettyVegasRock, performed for a while. Around 11pm the party was already finishing, but many many people were present, even too many for a not so big location.
Before leaving the staff gave each guest a bag with a t-shirt and a plectrum with Trussardi's logo, the music was the focus of the night, in fact this project has been loved and wanted by Gaia Trussardi which is not only a fashion business woman but also a huge music lover and it has been nice seeing this fusion between music and fashion.
Here a little gallery of the night and of my outfit.

I was wearing
dress: Sheinside
purse: mum's
coat: Aspesi
shoes: Bershka

Vero xx

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