My Expo

When I went back in Italy I decided to go to Expo, after all the fuss about it I couldn't miss it, such an event, in my hometown! So I went there right the day after I arrived pale like I've never been before at that time of the year, beginning of September, and the security started talking to me in english. I was like "what?I'm italian!" and the guard "aw sorry, you're so white!". Good start.
Once you arrive with other 1000000 people you walk through the Decumano, a 2 km or so street with all the pavilions on both sides. To get into each pavilion there a queue more or less long, this is the annoying part, you won't make it to see it all in a day but I don't even think it worth it, so do your research and pick.
I visited Austria forest, UK hive, Italy, China pagoda.

Food is the topic of Expo but I didn't want to spend too much time for food because I wanted to see as much as I could so I did just two stops, one for a dessert I tried years ago in Prague, the tredelnik, I don't know how to describe it but it delicious and then I wen to McDonald's one of the main sponsors of Expo but just because they did this lobster roll special just for this venue and I've to say it was good and not too junk food as I expected it to be.

In the end I can say that it was worth it but I don't think 3 hours queue to see the inside of the pavilions worth it, it's more about the atmosphere and the architecture outside than the exhibition inside.

Soon a blog on my channel TheMeneghinGirl about this day at Expo.

Vero xx


Red Velvet

Some time ago my best friend asked me to cook a red velvet and so I tried myself and I did this epic cake, it is a red velvet, but is not red, Sainsbury's local's fault!
To cook a tasty not so red red velvet you will need:

- 350gr flour
- 250gr sugar
- 3 eggs
- 250gr plain yogurt
- 1 spoon of vinegar
- 1 spoon of vanilla extract
- 15gr of dark chocolate
- 1 spoon of bicarbonate
- 1 spoon of salt
- 500ml of milk
- 400gr of sugar
- 350gr butter
- vanilla extract

First of all put together the flour, the chocolate powder and a pinch of salt, on the side melt the butter with the sugar just using a spoon (this is a tough job), then add the eggs, work a bit on that and add then the yogurt.

When everything looks smooth put the butter mix in the bowl you're using for the chocolate and the flour and mix it from the bottom to the top.

In another bowl put the bicarbonate and the vinegar and then storing add it to the mixture. But butter on the cake tin and put everything into the oven for 35 minutes at 180°. Repet the process three times, the cake needs three layers to look glorious.

While you wait for your cakes to cool down you can prepare the cream. Pour the milk in a pot with the flour, keep storing for 10 minutes under boiling stage.
On the other side mix the butter with the sugar and the vanilla extract until it looks smooth. Let the milk getting cold and then add it to the other mixture.

Now you're ready to comp one you're red velvet and decor it as you prefer, here's mine!

Not too bad for a first attempt!

Vero xx


Drink & Draw #EdFashion

The other night I went to a very cool event organized by #EdFashion and Satisfashion, the name of the night was Drink & Draw. It was a very fun and relaxing night at the same night. A small group of 30-50 people invited to take a sit in the Biscuit Factory, a very cool venue in Leith, and draw 5 dress of 5 Edinburgh's designers while drinking! I think this was a very original idea, pushing our creativity, being inspired by the real creativity of the designers, my drawings are more an attempt not very well done but it was a lot of fun. An aspect I loved of the night was seeing people sitting in silence listening to some music and drawing the model in front of them taking a moment from the chaos we live in everyday. I hope this is one of the many events that will make of Edinburgh another fashion city in Europe!

The walk of wonder by Fernanda Goodship

Shepherd's Plaid by DC Dalgliesh

Serenity Dress by Kathryn Love

Cupcake by Jenni Thomson

Force to be reckoned with by Kathryn Love

 Vero xx


On the road to Skye

 Last weekend I went on a on the road adventure with my best friends, we decided to rent a car from Condor in Edinburgh and go for a road trip to the Isle of Skye.

We left from Edinburgh in the morning and we drove all the way up to Inverness where we had lunch on the river, after a 30 minutes break we got back in our super cute minty Fiat 500 and we stopped to Loch Ness to see if Nessie was home, unfortunately we've not been very lucky. Then we reached Skye through the Skye Bridge and we had a shower in a lovely country house, where we spent the night. This was the closest guest house near the bridge. Before going to bed as it still was early we drove to Elgol to see the sea and then we had an amazing dinner at Creelers, if you go there try the scallops, they are unreal!


 DAY 2
On our second day we woke up pretty early and after a full scottish breakfast we got in the car to discover the Isle of Skye. Unfortunately we didn't get the chance to see Kilt Rock as the fog was a nightmare. The we went to Portree, the main village of the island, from now on the weather was sunny and warm, a dream. After that we went to see the Old Man of Storr, the walk was hard for us, party girls, but it worth it. Then we drove to Neist Point, in my opinion the best part of the Island, the view was breathtaking and you can also walk to the lighthouse which is very romantic.
At 5 o'clock we left the Island and we drove to fort William where we spent the night.

 DAY 3
On our last day we decided to go back home driving through Glencoe, this on the road was amazing and made me love Scotland even more.

Vero xx