Moving to Edinburgh? 10 tips

Are you thinking about moving to the U.K.? Or even better to Scotland? I did it, I moved to Edinburgh and I love it, so here are few tips about what you might need and how to feel home in few days.

1. NIN, the first thing you need to do when you move to the UK in general is to apply for the NIN  (national insurance number), with this code you're able to work in the United Kingdom and you can also use it as a proof of address. To get the NIN you will need to call the 0345 600 0643 and get an appointment for an interview (you can call just once you're in the UK). After the interview you will receive your NIN at home and is gonna be the same for ever.

2. GUMTREE, staying in a hostel or in a b&b is expensive and not the right choice if you want to move so you'll need to find an accommodation. Gumtree is a great source but you need to use it carefully. You can post an ad and be contacted by someone who has what you're looking for (this is what happened to me) or find the perfect flat or room between all the ads. Before paying or deciding for a flat go to see it in person, just to be sure, and sign a contract so that you're safe. Another thing to remember is that in the UK you will have to pay for a council tax every month which is quite expensive so find out how much is it and if with the rent you're still in your budget.

3. Bank Account, if you're looking for a job you'll need to open a bank account and if you don't already have a job it might be not the easiest thing but don't panic!I don't know about the non EU citizens but if you're european you won't need any permit to get into the UK. The bank that asks for less documents is Barclays, you need to book an appointment and once there just bring you're NIN, your passport and the contract of the rent for your flat, if you have it also a bill could help and in a hour you will have your account open for free.

4. Transport, we all know that going from euros to £ is a pain and when it comes to public transportations you will feel it.  In Edinburgh by bus or tram you can really go everywhere anytime so it worth the price (even if it's high). The single ticket is £1.50, the daily one £3.50 and the Ridacard that you can get in one of the lothian buses offices is £51 per month which you'll need to get just if you use the bus at least twice everyday!

5. Healthcare, sadly I had to experience it very soon but I'm glad about how it went. When you move somewhere certainly the first thing you think about is not "what if I'll be sick?" but you should! Check online the nearest GP doctor and register, now in any case you will have your family doctor, here public sanity works really well and it's called NHS, I've been to the hospital for a friend and again the service was excellent, so don't worry if you'll need a doctor here.

6. Do you speak scottish? Maybe you think your english is fluent and very good, okay well, here you will need to learn some scottish! The accent is very unique and thick so at the begging it could be hard to understand everyone and it's not because you don't know the language, don't worry you'll get used to it quickly. Just learn some new word, use a very strong R and you're good to go.

7. National dishes, I'm italian but weirdly I don't think italian cuisine is the best in the world, maybe one with the most variety but anyway I really like to try food from all over the world. Scotland is the only country, in the world, where Cocal-Cola is not the most sell soft-drink, here it's all about IRN-BRU, a orange soft drink that in my opinion is a mix of Chinotto and red bull produced in Glasgow. Then you should try the Haggis, just try I don't tell you what it is because you might decide not to then but you should is soooo tasty. For dessert the weirdest thing, deep-fried Mars barr, obviously is good because MARS barr is good and everything fried is good as well!All of it combine with a pint of Tennent's cheers!

8. PUB, going to the pub here is a must stop, you have to go to the pub this is how every night begins or ends, few pints and then you're ready for everything, after work or before a night out the pub is part of the way of living.

9. Studying, if you are looking for university, Edinburgh is a great choice with many different universities it offers a great choice. A beautiful young city where university level education is excellent. You can apply online most of the times in a very easy way and in any case there's always someone that will answer quickly to your e-mails to solve any doubt.

10. Why Edinburgh in the UK? I love this city, this has been the main reason why I decided to move here. Anyway Edinburgh could be the best choice also for you for many things, it's cheaper than London and here you can really meet local people!It's a young and vibrant place full of students, arts, festival, during the summer the city is just the center of all the arts. Outside the city the country is just breathtaking and wilde. People are nice and out going. The architecture is stunning you will feel like in a Harry Potter movie everyday. You will have fun!

Let me know if you liked this post or if I didn't answered some of your questions =)

Vero xx

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