Drink & Draw #EdFashion

The other night I went to a very cool event organized by #EdFashion and Satisfashion, the name of the night was Drink & Draw. It was a very fun and relaxing night at the same night. A small group of 30-50 people invited to take a sit in the Biscuit Factory, a very cool venue in Leith, and draw 5 dress of 5 Edinburgh's designers while drinking! I think this was a very original idea, pushing our creativity, being inspired by the real creativity of the designers, my drawings are more an attempt not very well done but it was a lot of fun. An aspect I loved of the night was seeing people sitting in silence listening to some music and drawing the model in front of them taking a moment from the chaos we live in everyday. I hope this is one of the many events that will make of Edinburgh another fashion city in Europe!

The walk of wonder by Fernanda Goodship

Shepherd's Plaid by DC Dalgliesh

Serenity Dress by Kathryn Love

Cupcake by Jenni Thomson

Force to be reckoned with by Kathryn Love

 Vero xx

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