Red Velvet

Some time ago my best friend asked me to cook a red velvet and so I tried myself and I did this epic cake, it is a red velvet, but is not red, Sainsbury's local's fault!
To cook a tasty not so red red velvet you will need:

- 350gr flour
- 250gr sugar
- 3 eggs
- 250gr plain yogurt
- 1 spoon of vinegar
- 1 spoon of vanilla extract
- 15gr of dark chocolate
- 1 spoon of bicarbonate
- 1 spoon of salt
- 500ml of milk
- 400gr of sugar
- 350gr butter
- vanilla extract

First of all put together the flour, the chocolate powder and a pinch of salt, on the side melt the butter with the sugar just using a spoon (this is a tough job), then add the eggs, work a bit on that and add then the yogurt.

When everything looks smooth put the butter mix in the bowl you're using for the chocolate and the flour and mix it from the bottom to the top.

In another bowl put the bicarbonate and the vinegar and then storing add it to the mixture. But butter on the cake tin and put everything into the oven for 35 minutes at 180°. Repet the process three times, the cake needs three layers to look glorious.

While you wait for your cakes to cool down you can prepare the cream. Pour the milk in a pot with the flour, keep storing for 10 minutes under boiling stage.
On the other side mix the butter with the sugar and the vanilla extract until it looks smooth. Let the milk getting cold and then add it to the other mixture.

Now you're ready to comp one you're red velvet and decor it as you prefer, here's mine!

Not too bad for a first attempt!

Vero xx

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