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When I went back in Italy I decided to go to Expo, after all the fuss about it I couldn't miss it, such an event, in my hometown! So I went there right the day after I arrived pale like I've never been before at that time of the year, beginning of September, and the security started talking to me in english. I was like "what?I'm italian!" and the guard "aw sorry, you're so white!". Good start.
Once you arrive with other 1000000 people you walk through the Decumano, a 2 km or so street with all the pavilions on both sides. To get into each pavilion there a queue more or less long, this is the annoying part, you won't make it to see it all in a day but I don't even think it worth it, so do your research and pick.
I visited Austria forest, UK hive, Italy, China pagoda.

Food is the topic of Expo but I didn't want to spend too much time for food because I wanted to see as much as I could so I did just two stops, one for a dessert I tried years ago in Prague, the tredelnik, I don't know how to describe it but it delicious and then I wen to McDonald's one of the main sponsors of Expo but just because they did this lobster roll special just for this venue and I've to say it was good and not too junk food as I expected it to be.

In the end I can say that it was worth it but I don't think 3 hours queue to see the inside of the pavilions worth it, it's more about the atmosphere and the architecture outside than the exhibition inside.

Soon a blog on my channel TheMeneghinGirl about this day at Expo.

Vero xx

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