Girl Power at Edinburgh Fringe Festival

During my first week of the Fringe this year I went to see quite a few shows but two of them really stood up for me, Katie Brennan's Quarter Life Crisis and Gillian Cosgriff's This is Why we can't have nice things.

Quick introduction, both shows are created by young, smart and extremely fan women, both shows are a perfect combination of songs and cabaret, both shows are mostly for women but men can definitely learn a thing or two from them, both shows will make you genuinely laugh for a hour, solid.

There are differences tho between the two shows and that's why I enjoyed both of them and I think both of them definitely with a ticket.

Katie Brennan welcomes you in a tiny room at the Underbelly, late at night and in a second, with the help of Joseph Atkins at the piano, will create a warm atmosphere. 
In a hour she will go through the struggles of moving to London to find a job, the awkward sex with some Tinder date, the memories of the 90's and the difficulties of living with anxiety, all this mixing sarcastic and cheeky humor and musical style songs.
By the end of the show the crowd looks more like a group of friends laughing about their lives.
Katie's voice is powerful and her shows it's definitely funny but nostalgic and sweet at the same time, you go out of the room with a smile on your face but thinking at the same time but having a bit more hope.
Highlights of the show I would say are the song "That's why I'm not Carrie Bradshaw" and the 90's songs madly.

Gillian Cosgriff welcomes you at 20.00 at the Gilded Baloon, this is her first time at the Fringe Festival but as soon as she steps on stage you can tell is going to be good. 
At the piano or playing a cheap ukulele Gillian entertains the audience for the whole hour, even going out of her script.
The australian comedian mixes well known melodies with hilarious lyrics and dense moments of cabarets where there's no time to stop laughing. 
She focuses on the stress and the anxiety of getting close to be 30 and feeling like you NEED to achieve certain "goals" such as get married and having kids, having a "respectable" job, be responsible and maybe a bit less funny. 
It's so easy during the show laughing and looking at your friends thinking "oh yes, that's us".
Lots of the topic she touches are very updated with all the current trends and at the end the song "#prematurenostalgia" is the cherry on top.

Katie's and Gillian's shows are brilliant because they're real and that's what makes it so easy to empathize with them, you go out laughing and thinking that we are all going through the same things.
At the end a bad memory can turn in a good story and after a while it will just make you laugh even if it made you cry, a lot...

Vero xx


LVL lashes at KSI Edinburgh

Few weeks ago I went as usual to get my nails done at KSI on Cowgate but I decided to treat myself even more and get the LVL lashes treatment done.
First of all I need to say that my lashes naturally are nothing special, not awful but certainly not like a doll. I use falsies every now and then when I go out as I'm pretty lazy, let's be honest. I like the effect of lash extensions but the care and the effect after a while never convinced me to get them done.
When I found out about LVL I did some research and the fact that you don't have any falsies on really got me. 
Basically the treatment lasts for about 45 minutes, you get a tint and a lift done and the result is stunning, your eyes will look bigger and your lashes longer and volumized. 
You can't wear makeup for the first 24hours and to be honest you can get away with no mascara for 6 weeks but being a makeup lover I was very curious to see my lvl lashes with mascara on as well, what can I say, I love them.

Here's a picture with no lvl, with lvl, with lvl and mascara:

Sarah was lovely and did an amazing job, the cost of the treatment was of £45 and now that few weeks have passed I'm still very impressed with it!
Highly Recommended!
To know more in details about the treatment check https://nouveaulashes.com/it-IT/

Vero xx


Deliveroo Edinburgh turns one

Last night Deliveroo Edinburgh turned one!Happy birthday!

For the occasion Deliveroo organized a great party, I can easily say the best event I've ever attended in Edinburgh.
The venue was the beautiful Biscuit Factory in Leith, the open space as been used at its best and all the guests were enjoying themselves between food, drinks and lots of activities, there was something for everyone.
Obviously food and drink are the heart of Deliveroo and the choice was good but not outstanding when you think with how many restaurants they work with.
Bibi's cupcakes (being a dessert fan) were my favourite thing. 
Speaking about drinks let's say that Edinburgh Gin kept me happy all night long, but for beer lovers Paolozzi was there to please them. I love how Paolozzi is very active and always present during the main events in Edinburgh.

As I said during the night there where a lot of activities for the guests. From NAF! nails bar to Ruffian's barber shop, even a massage therapy corner provided by Urban Massage. 
I decided to get pampered by Charlie Miller, they set up a braid bar and since I'm not the best at doing my hair I tried something different.
During the all night it was impossible to get bored.

With old friends and new people met last night we couldn't miss the chance of taking home a little funny memory, infact we loved the GIF corner. A nice idea to remember a fun night.

Thank you Deliveroo for the invite!Now I'm going to use the hungover kit you gave me at the end of the night and wait for your second birthday!

Vero xx


Sunday At Steak Edinburgh

If you ask for a good Steak in Edinburgh the answer you will get will probably be "at Steak".

I've been at Steak Restaurant a couple of times before but last Sunday I got invited by a friend who does the PR for the Restaurant to try the new Sharing Sunday menu so my friend Kate and I happily decided to go and see (sorry, eat).

After a sunny Sunday of shopping we headed to Picardy Place, we went straight to Steak, our eyes took a moment to adjust to the change of light, from a sunny afternoon outside to the dark and elegant design of the restaurant inside.

Everytime I go in I love the atmosphere, it almost feels like being in a theatre with high ceilings, candle light and modern design.
Although it wouldn't be a real theatre without a stage, in this case the stage is the table and the protagonist is the meat.

This time we didn't go "just" for a steak, we tried the sunday roast, which included 200gr roast leg of lamb and 400gr cote de boeuf with duck fat potatoes, roasted vegetables, creamed peas with leeks and bacon, a Yorkshire pudding and gravy.

The meal was served by Patricia, lovely waitress, it was a real pleasure chatting a bit with her while she was preparing our meat at the table (nice touch).
Sometimes in fancy places you might risk to feel a bit intimidated but Patricia was a really nice girl and well prepared, giving us all the information about our sunday roast.

The meat was like butter, beautiful, cooked just like we asked, steak medium and lamb pink.
What to say about the side, just as good, especially the peas, leek and bacon were to die for.
We decided to drink a bold Chianti with our meal which was the perfect choice.

Overall I had an amazing night with outstanding food, beautiful atmosphere and a great friend. Steak in the perfect destination for every meat lover even if it's not cheap. The Sunday Roast is £60 (for two) definitely worth it for a special occasion or as a treat for a real foodie.

Thank you Steak Restaurant :)

Vero xx


Maggie's Farm Nail bar @ Topshop

A couple of weeks ago my friend Kate and I decided to treat ourselves with a girly day. We went to Maggie's Farm Nail Bar, which is in Topshop on Princes Street. We booked an appointment and I got my nails done for the first time! (I know it took me a while to try this experience).
Once we got there we decided what to get done, the lovely lady has been extremely patient with us as deciding was't easy. The options are many and all veeeery cool. In the end we both went for a gel manicure with nail art on one nail on each hand and here's the result.

It took about 45 minutes to get my nails done and it's a nice thing to do with a friend, being in Topshop the "risk" is the temptation of shopping around while you wait for your turn, obviously we didn't resist to this temptation and we got out with new nails and new clothes!

Vero xx


Ted&Muffy Edinburgh

This post arrives a little late because of some problems but here it is. Few months ago I've been lucky enough to be invited to the event at the Ted&Muffy store in Edinburgh and it was one of the best store events I took part to.
Once we got there we got an introduction about the brand and then we enjoyed the night between drinks, food and of course shoes, amazing shoes. 

At the end of the night each one of us got the chance to pick a pair of shoes, get a professional fitting, which was something new to me and that I really enjoyed and then receive the precious parcel at home.
We all were over the moon, so much choice!At the end I decided and I went for Comet Boots in black. A beautiful and unique pair of leather over the knee boots. I decided to go for something that I couldn't find anywhere else, this boots are statement shoes.
I think they look great on every simple outfit and the instantly make it great and remarkable....here are my Comet Boots!

How beautiful is the box by the way!Amazing!Thank you Ted&Muffy!

Vero xx