Maggie's Farm Nail bar @ Topshop

A couple of weeks ago my friend Kate and I decided to treat ourselves with a girly day. We went to Maggie's Farm Nail Bar, which is in Topshop on Princes Street. We booked an appointment and I got my nails done for the first time! (I know it took me a while to try this experience).
Once we got there we decided what to get done, the lovely lady has been extremely patient with us as deciding was't easy. The options are many and all veeeery cool. In the end we both went for a gel manicure with nail art on one nail on each hand and here's the result.

It took about 45 minutes to get my nails done and it's a nice thing to do with a friend, being in Topshop the "risk" is the temptation of shopping around while you wait for your turn, obviously we didn't resist to this temptation and we got out with new nails and new clothes!

Vero xx

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