Sunday At Steak Edinburgh

If you ask for a good Steak in Edinburgh the answer you will get will probably be "at Steak".

I've been at Steak Restaurant a couple of times before but last Sunday I got invited by a friend who does the PR for the Restaurant to try the new Sharing Sunday menu so my friend Kate and I happily decided to go and see (sorry, eat).

After a sunny Sunday of shopping we headed to Picardy Place, we went straight to Steak, our eyes took a moment to adjust to the change of light, from a sunny afternoon outside to the dark and elegant design of the restaurant inside.

Everytime I go in I love the atmosphere, it almost feels like being in a theatre with high ceilings, candle light and modern design.
Although it wouldn't be a real theatre without a stage, in this case the stage is the table and the protagonist is the meat.

This time we didn't go "just" for a steak, we tried the sunday roast, which included 200gr roast leg of lamb and 400gr cote de boeuf with duck fat potatoes, roasted vegetables, creamed peas with leeks and bacon, a Yorkshire pudding and gravy.

The meal was served by Patricia, lovely waitress, it was a real pleasure chatting a bit with her while she was preparing our meat at the table (nice touch).
Sometimes in fancy places you might risk to feel a bit intimidated but Patricia was a really nice girl and well prepared, giving us all the information about our sunday roast.

The meat was like butter, beautiful, cooked just like we asked, steak medium and lamb pink.
What to say about the side, just as good, especially the peas, leek and bacon were to die for.
We decided to drink a bold Chianti with our meal which was the perfect choice.

Overall I had an amazing night with outstanding food, beautiful atmosphere and a great friend. Steak in the perfect destination for every meat lover even if it's not cheap. The Sunday Roast is £60 (for two) definitely worth it for a special occasion or as a treat for a real foodie.

Thank you Steak Restaurant :)

Vero xx

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