LVL lashes at KSI Edinburgh

Few weeks ago I went as usual to get my nails done at KSI on Cowgate but I decided to treat myself even more and get the LVL lashes treatment done.
First of all I need to say that my lashes naturally are nothing special, not awful but certainly not like a doll. I use falsies every now and then when I go out as I'm pretty lazy, let's be honest. I like the effect of lash extensions but the care and the effect after a while never convinced me to get them done.
When I found out about LVL I did some research and the fact that you don't have any falsies on really got me. 
Basically the treatment lasts for about 45 minutes, you get a tint and a lift done and the result is stunning, your eyes will look bigger and your lashes longer and volumized. 
You can't wear makeup for the first 24hours and to be honest you can get away with no mascara for 6 weeks but being a makeup lover I was very curious to see my lvl lashes with mascara on as well, what can I say, I love them.

Here's a picture with no lvl, with lvl, with lvl and mascara:

Sarah was lovely and did an amazing job, the cost of the treatment was of £45 and now that few weeks have passed I'm still very impressed with it!
Highly Recommended!
To know more in details about the treatment check https://nouveaulashes.com/it-IT/

Vero xx

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